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Plastic, cosmetic, and aesthetic procedures are meant to give people the look they want, but sometimes things do go wrong. Every year there are more than 15.6 million cosmetic procedures and more than 5.6 million reconstructive procedures. With close to $13 Billion spent on cosmetic surgeries in 2014, there are more possibilities for failure than ever before.

Mexico Cosmetic Center™ surgeons specialize in reconstructive surgery and revising/rescuing botched plastic and cosmetic surgeries. Please contact Flora to see if we can help you improve or fix your previous gone-wrong surgery. With every type of plastic surgery, there exists a multitude of different complications and unintended results that could arise. Below are a few various failures that could cause patients to feel botched.

* It’s important to note that not all failures are directly due to a surgeon’s mistake. Surgery, especially complex surgeries like plastic and aesthetic surgeries, are very difficult to execute and the body may place a natural limitation on the surgery’s outcome.

1. Erroneous Lip Injections

A lot of women have got stuck with swollen lips or mouth lopsided after trying to emulate Kylie Jenner’s voluptuous lips with lip enhancers.

2. Botched Butt Implants

A growing number of patients with buttock implants are getting complications such as pain walking and sitting, recurrent fevers, and infections most often from eliciting treatments. The implants can move down to the back of the legs or flip around inside the body.

Buttock (Gluteal) Implants have doubled from 2013 to 2014 done by board-certified plastic surgeons as women go for a curvy look like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian.


– Boobs Have Droopiness or Asymmetric

Our surgeons can save patients from their asymmetric/droopy breasts. If your previous breast augmentation is less aesthetic than you imagine, you should consider having revisional surgery to perfect symmetry.

– Overfilled (overinflated) Breast Implant

Only 10% inflated is allowed – if overfilled, there is a chance of having a deflation or rupture.

– Oversized Breast Implant

If a breast implant is oversized, there is an opportunity for stretch marks.

– Too large breast implant for the chest wall

You will be feeling a tearing sensation. Synmastia also called uni-boob or bread loafing – all of the normal anatomical attachments have been disrupted to the chest wall. See also Breast Implant Malposition

– Breast Implant Rippling & Wrinkling

Rippling or wrinkling felt and seen over breast tissue, especially when you bend. Silicone gel implants tend to ripple and wrinkle less than saline implants. Causes of rippling and wrinkling:

  • Overfilling / Underfilling the breast implant
  • Poor amount of breast tissue coverage
  • Over the muscle (Subglandular) placement of the breast implant

– Breast Implant Leak

When a saline implant breaks, the saltwater is absorbed into the body. When a silicone breast implant ruptures (silent rupture), it remains trapped in the surrounding tissue or it can spread outside the breast and into distant lymph nodes. The implant leak can cause the inflammation of fibrous tissue or the formation of scar tissue. Signs or symptoms:

  • Breast pain or swelling
  • Changes in breast size or shape
  • Lumps
  • Softening or hardening

The silicone breast implant rupture might go unnoticed and can be detected by an MRI scan. If you decide to remove the implant, a new implant can usually be inserted at the same time. The Food and Drug Administration recommends routine MRI scans.

There are two types of breast implants; saline and silicone. Both implants consist of a silicone outer shell and are filled with saline and silicone gel. The body forms a fibrous tissue (called a capsule) around a breast implant.

4. FUPA – Fat Upper Pubic Area

FUPA is caused by a failed tummy tuck. The pubic area below the tummy tuck line gets inflamed, and it can hurt your dating life.

5. Botched Tummy Tuck

botched american tv series onveonline.com show - Dr. Paul Nassif & Dr. Terry DubrowYou may not be happy with the results of your tummy tuck for several reasons.

  • It may not give you a tighter, smoother look
  • It may not be symmetric
  • You may not be happy with your new belly button
  • The location, shape, and quality of the incisions


  • Nerve damage
  • blood clots
  • Infection
  • Tissue Necrosis

With a tummy tuck, you can contract flesh-eating bacteria called Necrotizing Fasciitis (neck-to-tie-zing Fas-e-i-is) – a serious bacterial skin infection. It spreads quickly and causes soft tissue and fascia death at the infection site.

6. Botched nose surgery

Either for cosmetic reasons or breathing reasons, the patient needs to go through a Rhinoplasty. Nearly 15% of millions of nose surgeries each year go wrong. The patient can opt for revisional surgery to correct it. Usually, the surgeon will need to take cartilage from your ear and skin from your scalp to revise the surgery. Here are the common reasons to go through a second nose job,

– Not happy with the results – crooked (in the bridge area), pushed up, overly narrowed nose, etc.
– Cannot breathe out of one nostril because septum has completely deviated in left or right nostril!
– Collapsed with no nostril nose.


Makeover procedures can and do go wrong. The certification of the doctor doing the procedure and his experience are essential to assuring mistakes are not made. Check out Top 10 Failed Celebrities Plastics

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