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So you’re ready to change your life and your confidence? Well, it all starts with either giving us a call or filling out a contact form.

With Mexico Cosmetic Center, you get top-quality care and board-certified plastic surgeons. Offering cosmetic and plastic surgery at the most affordable price for the highest quality procedures.

The Patient Process

Our process for getting started is simple. First, you start by contacting us to discuss your plastic surgery options. You then text pictures to get a more precise quote for your plastic surgery. Following the quote, fill out a health questionnaire (that we email to you) which gets sent straight to our surgeon. We can then fully understand your eligibility for the plastic or cosmetic procedure for you.

  1. Submit a Contact Form Below
  2. Text Pictures of the areas you want plastic surgery to get exact prices call 1-888-865-1249
  3. We will send you a Health Questionnaire for you to fill out
  4. Once you receive a quote, the price is good for 2 weeks
  5. Place a $1,000 deposit to get booked!

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