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NeckThe human neck, connecting the head to the torso, is made of skin, muscles, fat, and bone. The platysma muscle extends from the upper portion of the chest to the lower jaw and part of the face. Every person’s anatomy is different. In younger people, the excess neck fat or inadequate bone contributes to a soft and underdeveloped neck. In older people, aging cause excess, sagging of skin & muscles, “no neck” or “turkey neck.”

Causes of chin and neck muscles to sag:
– Not enough exercise
– Aging
– Genetics
– Adipose tissue stop being produced

Non-Invasive Neck Lift

Non-surgical procedures like Botox Cosmetic or KYBELLA can be used for necklift and reduce the fat in the upper neck, respectively.

Cosmetic Neck Lift

To cosmetically improve the neck, chin and jawline, neck liposuction can be used. Some patients may benefit from a lower face lift.

Tightening Neck Muscles With Yoga Exercises

Facial Yoga exercises can help reduce neck and chin muscles sagging caused by age. These exercises can make neck look and feel toned by stimulating the production of Collagen and Elastin.

Working Platysma Muscle:

  • Jutting out your chin and smile
  • Kiss the sky – stick your chin up and plaster the sky
  • Baby Bird – turn your head to either side, take the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth, smile and swallow
  • Fish (Traditional Mudra Pose) – slide the lower teeth over the upper teeth and keep the rest of your face muscles relaxed

Neck Cream

The neck creams, décolleté creams, are becoming the fastest growing anti-aging in skin care market.