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Not even the glitz and glamor of the Hollywood spotlight can stop the inevitability of aging. And some celebrities have managed the process less gracefully than others.

Almost all the image-conscious Hollywood stars have done tweaks to their bodies, even Marylin Monroe. Some of the aesthetic procedures did not end up as expected. They gambled and they lost – Kenny Rogers, Dana Delany, Michael Jackson, Daryl Hannah, John Travolta, Kris Jenner, and Cali Huntsbe to name a few.

There is a long list of celebrity plastic surgeries gone bad. The editors at MCC have gathered the top 10 plastic surgery horrors that have made these celebrities notorious and serve as a warning to those seeking to combat aging’s natural order excessively.

craziest 10 Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before and After

Joan Van Ark Botched Plastic Surgery - 10 Failed Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

Joan Van Ark

Procedures: Botox, laser treatments, facelift, brow lift, collagen fillers, cheek implant

Once a leading face of primetime soaps, Joan Van Ark underwent several adjustments, including rhinoplasty and cheek, that resulted in disastrous results.

The “Dallas” and “Knots Landing” star, now 76, has gone through several surgeries and procedures that removed all gracefulness of her aging. Van Arc has received everything from Botox, lip fillers, and lip augmentation to blepharoplasty (eyelid reconstruction).Bobbie Norris Botched Plastic Surgery - 10 Failed Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

Bobby Norris

Procedures: Botox, lip filler injections, septoplasty, rhinoplasty, brow line lift, beard transplant

Bobby Norris is an English television character known for his appearances on “The Only Way Is Essex.” Despite rumors of a facelift and chin reduction, the 34-year-old Norris has actually had minimal work done. But the procedure he’s had done is just so bizarre that it took everybody by surprise.

The reality star underwent a beard transplant, which has made his cheeks noticeably overfilled and puffy. This cosmetic change rendered him unrecognizable and made a negative impact on his career.

Courtney Cox Botched Plastic Surgery - 10 Failed Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

Courtney Cox

Procedures: Fillers, Botox

American actress, producer, and director, Courtney Cox, is notoriously recognized by the excessive and disastrous procedures she’s had done to her face. Well-known for her role in the hit television show “Friends,” the now 56-year-old actress has undergone a facelift and several filler injections around the cheeks, lips, and eyes.

Cox has since expressed her regret for the treatments she’s had done over the years. She had all her filler dissolved in 2017 since she felt she did not look like herself.

Heidi Montag Botched Plastic Surgery - 10 Failed Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

Heidi Montag

Procedures: Fillers, Botox, breast implants, a brow lift, rhinoplasty, nose job revision, liposuction on stomach and thighs, butt augmentation

Reality television star, singer, and actress, Heidi Montag has opted for several procedures resulting in a doll-like resemblance. The 34-year-old star of “The Hills” underwent ten procedures in 24 hours when she was just 23, including a brow lift, Botox, nose job, chin reduction, neck liposuction, ear pinning, and fillers in the cheeks, lips, and nasolabial folds (smile lines).

Katie Price Botched Plastic Surgery - 10 Failed Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

Katie Price

Procedures: Face lift, facelift revision, Botox, filler injections

As the pseudonym “Jordan,” Katie Price is an English television personality, model, and businesswoman who has undergone shocking cosmetic procedures over the past 25 years. Now 42, Price has participated in regular makeup changes since 1995, with messed-up results.

She has spent hundreds of thousands on everything from breast enhancements to facelifts, Botox, excessive face fillers, Brazilian butt lift (BBL), and more, altering her entire body to reality.

Mickey Rourke Botched Plastic Surgery - 10 Failed Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

Mickey Rourke

Procedures: five rhinoplasty procedures, chin implants, lower lip implants, cheek implants, hair transplant, eye lift, facelift, filler injections

Mickey Rourke, a screenwriter, a former leading American actor, and a boxer has made several poor synthetic surgery decisions that have cost him his once signature “good looks.”

Along with hair transplants and an upper eye lift, the 68-year-old Rourke has received a terrible facelift. He is now graced with an unnatural curve between his ear and cheek, which also cost him his natural sideburns.

Priscilla Presley Botched Plastic Surgery - 10 Failed Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

Priscilla Presley

Procedures: Facelift, brow lift, nose job, botox

Priscilla Presley, American businesswoman and former wife of Elvis Presley, has received various procedures since being married to the late “King” of rock and roll.

At 75-years-old, she has admitted to getting botched silicone cheek injections by a phony doctor, which was a disaster for her appearance. She also received repeated laser and Botox treatments, resulting in the waxy appearance of her face.

Carrot Top

Procedures: Botox, lip injections, laser, chemical peels to remove freckles, brow lift

Scott Thompson, known for his signature red hair and stage name “Carrot Top,” is an American stand-up prop comedian and actor. The comic has gone through several plastic surgeries that have made him almost unrecognizable compared to his debut days.

The 55-year-old Carrot Top has undergone Botox, lip injections, laser, chemical peels to remove his freckles, and an excessively arched brow lift.

Melanie Griffith Botched Plastic Surgery - 10 Failed Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

Melanie Griffith

Procedures: Breast augmentation, nose job, facelift, Botox, filler injections, liposuction, eyelid surgery, lip injections

63-year-old American actress and film producer Melanie Richards Griffith dabbled with makeover surgery in her mid to late 50s. Unfortunately, the results were a nightmare – something to which Griffith herself admitted.

After many adverse reactions from the media and the public, Griffith decided to seek assistance from a new cosmetic surgeon to reverse some of the catastrophic damage done to her face.

Donatella Versace Botched Plastic Surgery - 10 Failed Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

Donatella Versace

Procedures: Botox, laser treatments, numerous face-lifts, lip injection, rhinoplasty

Donatella Versace, a luxury fashion designer, and sister to the late Gianni Versace are well known for her extreme overuse of plastic surgery. The 65-year-old Italian businesswoman has had several botched aesthetic surgeries and enhancement, and it is very obvious that her face has undergone many changes over the years.

Versace has had everything from Botox to laser treatments, fillers, and lifts of her face, eye, and brow lift. The once beautiful Donatella had over-performed plastic surgery that is too far gone for any surgeon to fix.

Will Botched Plastic Surgery End?

Despite the horrendous results that are performed by non-experienced surgeons or having too much plastic surgery, celebrities continue trying to find ways that defy aging. Unfortunately, the disadvantages seem far too drastic than the advantages.

Plastic and cosmetic surgery is a useful tool that enhances physical appearance. Be careful when selecting a surgeon because even the best surgeons that money can buy may lack the expertise needed to fix a failed plastic surgery before it’s too late.

Surgical intervention to rescue botched cosmetic procedures is not an easy task. To fix the previously failed operation requires a board-certified doctor with experience and an impeccable track record.

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