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Jai alai statue downtown Tijuana

Mexico Cosmetic Center’s main hub is located in Tijuana, minutes away from the San Ysidro U.S. / Mexico border. Tijuana is the number one choice for medical tourists seeking bariatrics, plastics, and dental procedures. Tijuana offers top plastic surgeons at affordable prices.

MCC operates in Tijuana in 2 top facilities; Azar Hospital and Hospital Mi Doctor. The Azar Hospital is an excellent choice for undergoing plastic, cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. You are taken care of in a full-service hospital, not a surgery center that most plastic surgeons use.

MCC uses the brand new Hyatt Place Hotel for the patients to stay before and after surgery. Hyatt Hotel’s pleasant environment and friendly staff make the experience for travelers much more pronounced.

Hospital Mi Doctor

Hospital Mi Doctor is an older full-service hospital specializing in Medical Tourism, bariatric, and plastics. Over the past years, Hospital Mi Doctor has helped facilitate hundreds of patient surgeries.
Hospital Mi Doctor - Mexico Cosmetic Center

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Hospital AZAR

Hospital Azar is a vast oasis, covering more than 35,000 square feet, located in Tijuana, Mexico. Its purpose is to cater to medical tourists seeking bariatric and plastic procedures, as it has been thoughtfully designed and constructed for this very purpose.

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Hyatt Place, Tijuana

Brand new Hyatt Place in Tijuana opened its doors to guests in 2015. This hotel has over 100 rooms with modern amenities. MCC guests enjoy their stay at this hotel and its neighborhood.

Hyatt Place Tijuana-Mexico Cosmetic Center