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Rhinoplasty in Mexico: All-Inclusive Nose Job

Rhinoplasty in Mexico: All-Inclusive Nose Job

Rhinoplasty and What It Does

Before and after Rhinoplasty Nose Jobs Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Body Contouring_500x500pxThere are different terms given to the various forms of cosmetic surgery that patients can receive to enhance their image. Rhinoplasty is a procedure that has been designed to augment the shape or the function of the nose. It is often referred to as a “nose job” and is a common procedure for many people, male or female.

Patients undergo rhinoplasty for a variety of reasons. Some people may feel that their nose is too big or too small, or prefer it to be a different shape. Various procedures are involved in improving a disproportionate appearance, including altering the shape and size of the nose, changing the span of the nostrils, eliminating a bump on the bridge, or changing the angle of the nose and the upper lip.

It may even be necessary to replace the patient’s septum to relieve breathing difficulties in some cases. Birth defects tend to be a typical reason people undergo nasal correction.

Rhinoplasty surgery to refine the shape of the nose and improve the facial appearance is a popular procedure among women and men worldwide.

Depending on what sort of result you are looking for, you need to speak with your surgeon near you in order to determine the perfect nose for your face.

Structure of Nose

Here we review the nose structure to understand the reshaping process better. The framework of the nose is supported by bone and cartilage.

  1. Bridge/Nasal Bone – The bony upper one-third part is called the bridge or dorsum
  2. Cartilage – The lower flexible portion of the nose below the bridge is supported by the cartilage; lower and upper cartilages
  3. Connective tissues – Skin, epithelial, mucous membrane, muscles, and nerves

nose structure explained - bone & cartilages

how is Rhinoplasty done?

Open Closed Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Mexico Cosmetic Center Plastic Surgery 500px

There are a number of ways to perform a rhinoplasty including the internal approach, which involves going in through the nostrils. The closed procedure is preferred by some people due to the lack of scars and cuts.

External or open surgery will leave a scar under the individual’s nose. External surgery is considered the best for more complex issues that a person may have. In external rhinoplasty, an incision is made in the nostrils after a form of anesthesia is given to the patient.

Special instruments separate skin from bone and cartilage. After this, the surgeon will then sculpt this cartilage and bone into a favorable shape.

Types of Nose Job Procedures

Different Types of Nasal tips Nose Jobs Rhinoplasty 500pxWhat occurs after this depends on the patient and what sort of shape of nose they are looking for. Noses can be sculpted in order to look smoother and fit with the face better. Sometimes the changes in the bone and cartridge of the nose are needed for an optimal look.

Nasal bridges may also need to be built, especially if the nose is quite small or if the surgery went wrong before. Here are 5 common options for nose sculpting,

  1. Dorsal Hump Reduction
  2. Nasal Tip Contouring
  3. Wide Nose Narrowing (Osteotomy)
  4. Narrowed Nostril Widening
  5. Deviated Septum Correction (Septoplasty)

Once the surgery is done, a plaster is put over it. This helps to keep the nose protected. This will also contribute to stopping a lot of the postoperative swelling that can occur when you are working with it.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Over 70% of patients receiving nose surgery are Caucasians, and most guidelines are developed around white people. Applying the one-size-fits-all nose job to the face of color people, like Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, African-Americans, or Middle Easterns, have undesirable outcomes. If you are not white American, make sure your surgeon is experienced in “ethnic rhinoplasty” to get a nose job that conforms to your racial identity.

Preparation, Pain, and Recovery

Following pre-op instructions is necessary to reduce the chance of post-op complications. Stop smoking at least 4 weeks prior to the operation. Avoid any aspirin, aspirin-containing products for 1-2 weeks pre-surgery. Post-operative pain usually is mild, and bruising/swelling lasts about 36 to 72 hours. Patients are normally released on the same day of the operation. You need to keep your head elevated even when you sleep. Applying ice minimizes the pain and puffiness. Most individuals can return to work 3 to 5 days after the procedure. Taking Arnica natural herb helps the healing process.

before and after picture nose surgery in Mexico Cosmetic Center

Rhinoplasty cost and Medical Tourism

Procedures such as rhinoplasties can be expensive in the United States. For this reason, many people may decide to travel south over the border in order to find a better deal on their surgery. A lot of medical operations in the United States are just becoming too expensive for ordinary and even well-off people to afford. As a result, this form of destination medical care is often done out of necessity.

While there are some patients who do this merely to save money, there is another reason. The cosmetic surgeons in Tijuana, Baja California, MX combine the science and art of ethnic rhinoplasty for much better results.

IS A NOSE JOB SAFE AND AFFORDABLE IN MEXICO Mexico Cosmetic Center Plastic Surgery Body Contouring 1280x720px

Those who undergo rhinoplasty will need to do their research to find the best plastic surgeon specialized in nose reshaping in Mexico.

Seven thousand US dollars is a lot easier to pay back than ten thousand or more. Prices for different procedures will, of course, differ depending on where you are in Mexico. However, a lot of the time they will still be much lower (70%) than that of the United States. In some cases, it is also possible to get a deal from the hospital or the surgeon who is going to perform the procedure. Some surgeons will offer all-inclusive packages that include hotel stay fees as a part of the operation’s cost. For many people, this also turns out to be a bit of a holiday.

Other Concerns

If there are any concerns that you may have then it is a good idea to speak with your surgeon as soon as possible. Having a consultation will allow you to alleviate any of the fears that you may have about the procedure. You will also be told about what will go on during the operation so you will know exactly what is going to happen to you. When it comes to something like a medical procedure, it is always a good idea to know the intimate details.

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