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All-Inclusive Plastic Surgery Package in Mexico

Mexico Cosmetic Center® offers all-inclusive plastic surgery packages in Mexico. This means we are a part of your journey from the second you arrive at the San Diego International Airport to the time you are dropped back off at the airport.

Most people have an altered perception of safety and quality measures taken for plastic surgery in Mexico. With Mexico Cosmetic Center, you receive top-of-the-line care, board-certified plastic surgeons, and safety standards comparable to the United States.

How Does Plastic Surgery in Mexico Work?

We want to make the plastic surgery process as easy as possible without compromising the care and quality of our patients. Therefore, we incorporate all-inclusive plastic surgery packages in Mexico, being a part of our patient’s entire journey.

The only real difference is the price. But remember, MCC travel packages are all-inclusive:

  • Surgeon Fees
  • Anesthesiologist Fees
  • Pre-op Tests
  • Hospital Stay (1 or 2 Nights)
  • Hotel Stay Before & After Surgery (breakfast included)
  • Transportation
  • Nurse Visits While in Hotel
  • Garment (if Needed)
  • Nutritional Support

Optional Medical Tourism Insurance

What Does Our All-Inclusive Package Include?

  • Plastic Surgery Procedure
  • Private Transportation
  • Pre-Op/Post-Op Medications
  • Pre-Op/Post-Op Tests
  • Hospital Fees and Staff
  • Hotel Stay
  • Tour of Tijuana

The Price of Plastic Surgery in Mexico

It is hard to give a set price on plastic surgery in Mexico, with every patient having different body types and needs. Fortunately, we make it easy for you.

To receive a free quote and consultation, all you have to do is text our patient coordinators at (916) 224-9611 with the procedure you desire and pictures of the areas of your body where the procedure will take place.

Why Choose Mexico Cosmetic Center

Mexico Cosmetic Center uses a state-of-the-art hospital and four-star hotel. Our surgeons are skilled and board-certified with years of experience. We provide all-inclusive, affordable pricing.

The decision to go with Mexico Cosmetic Center is easy. We have built one of the top bariatric centers in Mexico known as Mexico Bariatric Center. Through 10+ years in the medical tourism industry and thousands of weight loss surgeries performed, we are a trusted plastic surgery provider in Mexico.

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Packages in Mexico

Our all-inclusive plastic surgery packages in Mexico use an accredited hospital called Hospital Mi Doctor, certified by the Mexican Government and just 20 minutes from the San Diego airport.

Plastic surgery packages are in high demand and continue to grow with the rise of qualified surgeons with extensive safety standards.

Our hospital staff is highly trained in providing exceptional care for all patients. We are completely prepared – with an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) if complications occur. Mexico Cosmetic Center continues to offer the best quality plastic surgery procedures for the lowest, most cost-effective price.

Apart from the in-depth knowledge of plastic surgery and medical care as a whole, prices can be 60-70% less than the surgical costs associated with surgery in the United States or Canada.

Mexico Cosmetic Center is not just designed for post-bariatric patients but for anyone needing quality cosmetic and plastic surgery options without paying the high cost.

Mexico Cosmetic Center

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