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Why Plastic Surgery Cost Less in Mexico

Why Does Plastic Surgery Cost Less in Mexico?

Plastic surgery in Mexico costs less because of the low cost of living. For example, according to a recent Mercer study, New York has a cost of living adjustment of 100, San Francisco is at 85, Mexico City is at 77 and Bangkok, Thailand is at 64.9.9.

Second, malpractice costs and resulting malpractice insurance is much lower in other countries than they are in the United States. Again, this does not mean that the quality of care is lower. It simply means that foreign cultures do not encourage malpractice lawsuits as often as the U.S.

Punitive damages are rarely awarded outside of the US, and at best any lawsuit would only result in the patient recovering actual damages (out of pocket cost of harm caused, including paying for treatments that address the problem, travel expenses, etc.).

Third, by working in large, multi-specialty clinics, physician overhead (e.g. building rent and maintenance, utilities, staff, computers, systems, etc.) abroad is much lower than the smaller specialty clinics in the U.S. In the U.S., physician overhead is somewhere between 50 andThere are 4 main reasons why it is possible to receive equal or better care abroad at a lower cost…

First, lower labor and administrative costs are driven by an overall lower cost of living flow through to treatment costs (e.g. lower salaries mean the surgeon does not need to charge 60%. Abroad it can be as low as 5 or 6%.

Finally, there is much less administration and paperwork required for treatment abroad.