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Dr. Irving Rodriguez

Plastic Surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico
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Brief info

Dr. Irving Rodriguez is a plastic surgeon certified by the aesthetic and reconstructive surgery board specialized in beauty and functionality. His expertise and compassion towards patients make him a stellar plastic and cosmetic surgeon and excellent caregiver when it comes to all patient's enhancement and anti-aging goals. For 19+ years he has been constantly learning, improving, and growing as a plastic surgeon, helping thousands of people improve their appearances.

Besides his specialty in improving the looks of the patient's aesthetic appearance, he also picked up post-bariatric surgery skills such as arm lift, body lift, thigh lift, mommy makeover, and tummy tuck for post weight loss surgery patients.

Negative Patient Reviews
“I was so sure about going to Dr. Irving Rodriguez but I am having so many complications. I did everything suggested, took all my vitamins, even got my hemo up to a 14 and I still needed a blood transfusion, went down to a 7. I did everything to prepare for surgery took all my vitamins got everything up for surgery all my labs were great my BMI 30. The doctors and surgeon here confirmed that I was stitched too tight cutting off blood supply to the incision areas causing necrosis. I’ve been on a wound vacuum for over a month. Both my arms and my abdomen got necrosis. And yes Dr. Irving knows, he was telling me to come back to Tijuana so he can do a surgery called a simple skin flap abdominal advancement which is crazy the doctors and surgeons are saying. There was NO healthy tissue for a skin flap to hold on to, it needed to be debride. The tissues were all muss and dead.” – Patient Review posted on TJ Botched instagram

I’ve been dealing with these complications since the beginning of December. I had surgery with Dr. Irving and has been nothing but problems. I still needed to

Dr. Irving Rodriguez is a Board Certified Plastic surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico. Among professionals in the industry, Rodriguez is considered an innovator and expert in the plastic and cosmetic field. Many patients travel from the U.S. as well as from other countries around the world seeking professional techniques, quality results, and unique procedures.


  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Asociacion Mexicana de Cirugia Plastica, Estetica Y Reconstructiva, A.C.


Dr Irving Rodriguez and Dr Ariel Nieblas - Body Art Surgical w Mexico Cosmetic Center
Dr. Irving Rodriguez and Dr. Ariel Nieblas

Undergraduate & Medical School

  • Medical: Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, Faculty of Medicine, 2006
  • (Honors) and accredited with (Professional Certificate # 6057880)

Post-Medical School Training

Dr. Irving Rodriguez Lopez has trained both in Mexico and the United States, Texas Medical Center.

  • Internship: Texas Medical Center, St Lukes Episcopal Hospital, 2007


  • General Surgery, Northwest National Medical Center
  • Plastic Surgery, Western National Medical Center
  • Certifications: Consejo Mexicano de Cirujanos Plásticos, Estéticos y Reconstructivos (CMCPER) or the Mexican Council of Plastic Surgeons, Aesthetics and Reconstructive (Certification # 1833)

Globo MD – Dr. Irving Rodriguez

Dr Flores Valdivia - Tijuana Plastics
Dr. Flores Valdivia – Tijuana Plastics

Why Dr. Irving Rodriguez?

  • One of the top and most qualified plastic surgery clinics in Tijuana, Mexico
  • Advanced procedures, high quality, and safe cosmetic procedures
  • English speaking doctors
  • Highly trained medical staff
  • Members of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Only works with materials approved by FDA

Dr. Rodriguez’s Team

Dr. Irving R. is assisted by a highly qualified medical team that helps ensure each patient receives top care and quality results. Dr. Rodriguez works with top plastic surgeons, like Dra. Sofia and Dr. Flores Valdivia.

dra sofia - tijuana plastics - Mexico Cosmetic Center
Dra Sofia – Tijuana Plastics

Why Mexico?

Not without a reason, Mexico earned a reputation as one of the best countries for medical tourism in the world. Excellent care and one of the best facilities in the fields of plastic and cosmetic surgery and bariatric procedures. Many of the clinics of Mexico welcomed local and international patients, attracting thousands of medical tourists each year.

Very affordable prices, the variety of highly successful cosmetic procedures, and the beauty of this vibrant country are what make Mexico one of the top options for patients who want a better-looking body.





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