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Botox in Mexico

The Botox procedure is a cosmetic procedure designed to smooth out wrinkles and improve the appearance of fine lines by paralyzing the underlying muscles temporarily. Because the process only lasts for a set period and is not long-lasting, it is one that patients will need to undergo on an ongoing basis to continue reaping the same benefits. It takes between 24 and 72 hours for the toxin to begin taking effect, at which point the results become apparent.

Cost of Botox in Mexico

The cost involved with Botox injections is going to vary depending on how many units you will be having injected into the skin. Most specialists who administer Botox injections will charge based on the unit, and the cost can range anywhere between $11 and $15 per unit. Some experts offer special rates from time to time, so the cost may be even lower. There are other physicians who will charge based on the injection site, so the cost may vary if you are having crow’s feet repaired or glabellar frown lines worked on. When determining whether Botox is the right procedure for you or not, find out how your chosen physician charges for the procedure since the costs can vary so significantly.

How Botox Works

The method of administering Botox is simple and does not require the use of anesthesia. There is only a minor amount of discomfort involved since the physician will use a very fine needle and only make injections in specific muscles. The physician will choose the injection sites based on which wrinkles or lines he or she is attempting to treat. There will be a small amount of discomfort involved since the physician is injecting a compound under the skin. The positive impact of the Botox procedure will not be immediately apparent as it can take a few days before the Botox compound begins to work. The primary mechanism for use is that the Botox, or Clostridium botulinum, will paralyze the underlying muscles where the wrinkles are, causing the skin to smooth out.

The effects of a single Botox treatment will last between four and six months though times can vary depending on the physiological makeup of the patient. Muscle action will return gradually to the injection site, and so the wrinkles will slowly begin to reappear over time requiring additional treatment.

Risks/Complications of Botox

Some side effects are completely normal, such as temporary bruising around the injection sites and the feeling of a headache. Both of these should abate in between 24 and 48 hours. Headaches are much rarer as compared to temporary bruising.

There are complications and risks to consider with Botox. The reason for this is because the Botox compound is a name-branded version of a toxin, the same toxin that causes Botulism. When used correctly and in the proper dosage, Botox can be completely safe for use. It is vitally essential that Botox only is used as directed and by trained and licensed professionals to avoid the risk of complications.

Botox Success Rate

The success rate for Botox can vary depending on the individual patient, the condition being treated and the area of the body where treatment is being administered. The areas with the highest success rate levels are areas of the upper face such as the eyes, the forehead, and the frown lines. Wrinkles on the nose, known as bunny lines, eyebrow lifts, mouth-corner lifts, and nose lifts can also be successful when treated using Botox. If you have questions about the success rate for a particular procedure, speak to your chosen physician as they will be able to tell you about their individual success rate depending on the treatment you wish to have completed.

If you are looking for a quick fix for wrinkles, drooping facial features, sagging smiles or other such issues, Botox might be the solution to count on. As long as you recognize that Botox is always a temporary solution, it does make the best non-surgical solution for many wrinkles and skin issues on the face. Botox can help to delay surgery on the face and may also contribute to preventing the development of wrinkles going forward in patients who are in their late 20s and early 30s.

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