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Saline Injections Temporarily Boost Breasts

Plastic surgery is something that attracts many women that want a fuller bust and are willing to spend the money to get it. There is a new way of getting that fuller bust look temporarily. The procedure allows you to enjoy fuller breasts for up to 24 hours before returning to your normal size and shape. This type of procedure is far less invasive and risky than other procedures such as breast augmentation and enlargement surgeries. There is no recovery time, and there is very little pain except for that of the injection site itself.

Temporary saline injections also allow women that are on the fence about long term solutions such as breast implants and augmentation to experience a larger size of the breast without the long term commitment. This gives them the opportunity to discover whether they would be happy or satisfied with the new breast size. This is a modest way to check out the options before you commit to having the surgical procedure that is more permanent. It gives them the chance to decide if they need a little or lot of work to be comfortable with the size of their breasts before they make the jump to permanent changes.

The saline injection procedure for breast enlargement has quickly become very popular. The method is attracting attention as a party, vacation and special event procedure by many women. This is not an inexpensive process by any means. The average cost of the temporary breast enlargement runs at between $5,500 and $6,500 depending on who performs the procedure. This steep price makes it hard for many that are interested in the process to take part in it.

There is some difference of opinion on whether the system is as safe as claimed. Some physicians such as Dr. Norman Rowe claim that that the method is safe because saline is simply salt water and is quickly absorbed into the body. Others such as Dr. Michael C. Edwards from American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) believes that the procedure of increasing the breasts with the saline solution could cause the skin to stretch, sag and cause drooping, particularly if conducted in the same person often. Additionally, it is though that there is a chance of infection as well as pooling blood under the skin at the injection site.

While saline injections being used as an alternate method of increasing beast size might seem like an extreme measure to go to for the sake of vanity, other fads have been more dramatic that have come and gone. In Britain, labiaplasys became very popular along with an increase in a dimple implants ad nipple lightening. Comparatively speaking, this procedure is not that unusual. For patients that can afford the system, it may be a better option than going under the knife for more permanent resolutions to their need for larger breasts. Weighing the options and the risks is essential before making a decision about such a procedure, regardless of the price tag.