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Rising Demand for Cosmetic Surgeries Such as Penis Enlargements Reveal Top 10 Countries for the Surgery

In 2013 more than 23 million cosmetic procedures were performed. At the top of the list for the most surgeries performed was the United States with nearly four million procedures including surgeries and needles. Brazil blazed in at second place with more than two million procedures being performed. While Britain was not in the top ten, they did rank as being number 14 with regard to how many plastic surgeons they have. This was accomplished with 865 offices in Britain with professional plastic surgeons.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) reported 50,122 operations in 2013. This number did not include any of the non-surgical procedures performed in the UK at the time. Since such procedures as laser treatments and dermal fillers are not regulated, there is little data to add to the numbers collected. Several procedures are non-surgical such as Botox injections to paralyze the facial muscles, fillers, chemical peels and laser hair removal. These are all procedures that are completed by a plastic surgeon, but that do not require any surgical time or recovery.

Internationally, over 1.7 million operations for the alteration of breasts were performed. This puts breast changes as being the top plastic surgery in popularity. Liposuction, lipostructure, rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery are next on the list of conventional operations performed by a plastic surgeon. These are accomplished for the purposes of creating a younger looking appearance for men and women. The number of transactions seems to be increasing over time and the numbers pose to be just as impressive next year.

When it came to whether men and women sought help equally, women led the way with over 20 million procedures worldwide. This accounted for 90 percent of the procedures in the world making them a clear leader in consumers of cosmetic procedures. Though men didn’t makeup as much of the number, they did come in at 3 million procedures including rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, and breast reduction surgery. Germany led the way in penis enlargements with 3,000 men participating in the procedure with Venezuela, Spain and then Mexico following behind.

Top Countries for Penis Enlargement

  • Germany – Penis Enlargement
  • Venezuela – Penis Enlargement
  • Spain – Penis Enlargement
  • Mexico – Penis Enlargement

In the UK women participate in breast work, facelifts and eyelid surgery more than any other procedure. The men in the UK partake in eyelid surgery, nose surgery and breast reductions. This seems to be very similar to the popularity of these systems worldwide. The procedures that are most popular are those that fight the appearance of aging for men and women alike. It is noted by Rajiv Grover, the president of BAAPS, that the procedures have increased in frequency as the recovery of the economy is seen.

The numbers clearly indicate that the popularity of cosmetic procedures is on the rise in many countries. Though the leader is the United States in the number of proceedings reported, there seems to be a close number of countries that experience similar popularity. Plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures are popular among several income levels and are used for a number of reasons.