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More People Getting Plastic Surgery in the New Year

Plastic surgery has always been a popular option for people that want to improve their appearance, whether it is liposuction, minimally-invasive laser surgery, or enhancements. But recent trends show that the rates of getting plastic surgery are rising particularly around the holidays and the New Year. It seems that people are taking advantage of having the holidays off, in order to return to work or school with a brand new face, breasts, or thinner body.

New Trends in Plastic Surgery as Christmas Gifts

The trend in more plastic surgery procedures being performed in the New Year begins with the rise in Christmas gifts of these types of systems. It seems that over the past couple years, giving plastic surgery as a gift is a growing trend. A report published by ABC News showed that giving cosmetic surgery as a Christmas gift was up to 35 percent. This also includes gift cards to spas and other places where they can get the lower cost procedures, such as chemical peels and laser hair removal. The more expensive gifts of plastic surgery are also going up, where family members or close friends are offering to pay for Botox, breast enhancements, liposuction and nose jobs as a Christmas gift. Doctors are seeing parents getting their children cosmetic surgery, sisters and spouses getting pricier plastic surgery, and even close friends giving these types of gifts.

Some locations in the U.S. have a greater trend in plastic surgery gifts,
such as Las Vegas. The plastic surgery treatments in Las Vegas rose in December and January by around 30 percent, mostly because people want to improve their appearance for holiday parties and other special events. Others want to change their appearance for the New Year.

Previous Trends

While there is a significant increase in giving plastic or cosmetic surgery for Christmas gifts, this isn’t the first year this has happened. Past trends have shown an increase in getting plastic surgery around the holiday season, according to the SunSentinel, a newspaper for South Florida. They found a rise in recent years of cosmetic surgery gift cards, especially among women. Some of the more common gift cards were for laser hair removal and Botox injections. It’s a gift that pleases the receiver and the sender of the gift.

Why The Holidays Are a Good Time of Year

There are many reasons why the holidays are such a current year to have plastic surgery procedures performed. One of the most obvious is due to holiday parties and other events. People want to look their best for these occasions, so they typically go for the less invasive procedures that have a shorter recovery time. Another reason is due to being able to ask for gift cards or money to get more expensive plastic surgery procedures. Plus an bonus is that many people have time off from the holidays or new year, giving them a reason to get procedures done and have time off work or school for recovering. Additionally, a less known benefit to plastic surgery in the new year is that with the colder temperatures, fewer people are out and about. It provides a better excuse for people to bundle up and cover potential swelling or scars and stay at home without needing a reason while they complete their recovery.