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The shape, size, and function of the nose can completely change how you look and feel. For some, rhinoplasty (nose surgery) can help repair a deviated septum and other health problems which can make it hard to breathe. For others, nasal reconstruction may be used solely for cosmetic reasons. The best rhinoplasty results will enhance and highlight your other facial features like your skin, eyes, and mouth.

Having a nose job in Mexico can save you thousands, compared to the United States. Depending on whether you seek a nasal operation for cosmetic or functional needs, you might find trouble having insurance cover it. To avoid the costly operation and the lengthy process, many patients flock to Mexico for safe and affordable nose surgery.

Consider the surgeon’s commitment to excellence as you look for the most affordable nose surgery in Mexico. Rhinoplasty without an experienced surgeon, adequate equipment, and capable facilities can lead to dangerous complications.

Traveling to Mexico to get nose work is safe as long as you do your research and connect with a reputable coordinating company like Mexico Cosmetic Center™. MCC offers easy and affordable all-inclusive plastic surgery packages to medical tourists from the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe.

What is Rhinoplasty?

A “nose job,” also known as Rhinoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that reshapes the size and contours of the nose. The highly-qualified esthetic surgeon will modify the procedure based on each patient’s goals, skin condition, and other facial features. By altering the upper and lower portions of the nose, including the bone and the cartilage, the doctor reshapes the patient’s rhinal cavity for the best possible results.

Open Rhinoplasty In Tijuana Mexico

There are two options for a nose job: open or closed surgery. An open rhinoplasty requires an incision between the nostrils and is used for more complex operations such as fixing a broken nose. In the closed version, the surgeon will make the cuts inside the nostrils which will cause the scars to be less visible.

Am I a Candidate for a nose job in Mexico?

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Before undergoing a nose job in Mexico, the doctor must first review your medical history to determine if you’re eligible. It is important for the patient to recognize the limitations of rhinoplasty and adjust their expectations for realistic outcomes. Plastic surgery in Mexico is not a problem solver. If you are planning to have surgery because of depression or body dysmorphia, rhinoplasty will not help.

Other determining factors:

  • Bleeding disorders, lung disease, and other medical issues may make the patient unqualified for the procedure.
  • Patients under the age of 14 or 15 are not eligible for rhinoplasty as their bone structure around the nose has to be fully grown.
  • Any past surgeries around the nasal cavity can also make it difficult to perform the operation.

Like any facial or body plastic procedure, patients need to have realistic expectations for recovery as well as results.

A popular myth is that a cosmetic surgeon can reshape someone’s nose to match a celebrity’s facial features. A good facial plastic surgeon will recognize what the best changes can be done to better Boost everyday life and appearance.

comparing the cost of a nose job in Mexico vs the United States

Nasal surgery in the United States and Canada can be a very long and expensive process. A rhinoplasty procedure can cost up to $20,000 and is often not supported by health insurance. On the other hand, the average cost for a nose job in the medical district of Tijuana is only one-fourth the price. Not only can patients save 70% on rhinoplasty by going across the San Diego border but in most cases, the patients receive equal or better care and results than in the U.S.

Whether you have the operation in Baja California or in the US, always make sure to check what is included in the quoted price. Look for surgeon fees, anesthetist fees, surgery center fees, recovery hotel costs, transportation, nurses visits, etc. You want to work with a facility and a surgeon that provides rigorous sterilization as well as top-notch educational training, credentials, and accreditation.

Is a nose job safe in Mexico?

The answer is “YES,” in the right hands. Tijuana, Mexico has become an international center for destination surgery. Over a million patients travel across the US border every day for expert, affordable health care.

travel to Tijuana Baja Mexico for medica care - safe nose surgery

Board-certified plastic surgeons in Mexico undergo rigorous training to keep up with modern techniques and maintain high standards. Qualified doctors recertify every 5 years, operating with the same methods and technology as trusted US surgeons. The safety of patients going south of the border for a nose job is no longer an issue as long as they choose the right doctor and facility.

A nose job in Mexico could be even less risky than getting it done in the Philippines, Thailand, Costa Rica, and dominican republic.

Are There any Risks to having a Nose Job?

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For those looking to undergo nasal reconstruction surgery, there are relatively few risks involved. The most common complication after a nose job is the “unnatural” appearance. This is usually caused by the cartilage in the nose being excessively reduced or removed. The reshaped nose may look uneven and the patient may need to have it redone.

After nose surgery, patients can experience chronic pain, discoloration, swelling, or scarring that could lead to difficulty breathing. Other complications can include:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Numbness

If the surgeon botches the surgery, there is always the option to revise the surgery. Remember a nose job is meant to be done only once. Unless there are any minor side effects that can be easily fixed, revision rhinoplasty is not recommended. Another procedure can damage the skin and cartilage of the area. To avoid this, it is important to have the procedure with a board-certified surgeon who specializes and is well experienced in Nose Reconstruction and Ethnic Rhinoplasty surgery.

nose job frequently asked questions

Is the surgery covered by insurance? Unless your nose causes a medical issue, it is not covered as it is seen as an elective procedure.

Why do noses after plastic surgery sometimes look unnatural? This is caused when too much of the cartilage in the nose is removed.

Does it have to be redone in the future? It can be revised but it should only be done once unless there is a minor issue.

Is Anesthesia dangerous? It is rare to have long-term complications. This kind of sedation is normally very safe for rhinoplasty patients, including those who are sick and elderly.

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