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Extreme Skin Care Solutions

Maintaining younger looking skin is something most people long for. Some people go to greater lengths than others to accomplish this goal. Extreme skin care solutions are on the rise with some of the more unusual treatments people are paying for to get possible results. Many people are willing to do nearly anything to get the youthful skin that they once had and to hide things such as fine lines and wrinkles.

One popular type of facial treatment is rejuvapen micro-needling. The process o rejuvapen micro-needling includes poking small needles over key areas of the face often causing the areas to bleed. The intent is for the collagen elastin to attack the area and begin the healing process creating a younger looking skin and more flawless skin. The approximate cost for such a treatment is $350. Not everyone believes that this treatment is really affective and actually thinks that the treatment could have adverse affects that outweigh any positive results encountered. Dr. James Spencer believes referred to a Journal of the American Medical Association Dermatology study that indicated that there were a few cases of allergic reactions to the serum used after the treatment.

Another similar extreme skin care treatment is the bee venom facial. This includes the use of bee venom to tighten up the skin as collagen is increased. The average cost of this particular treatment is $130. The treatment is not long term and would need to be repeated to maintain the look that it might provide.

The vampire face-lift comes with a charge of between $600 and $800 and includes plasma removal from the patient’s blood that is then replaced into the face of the individual where indicated. The theory is that this will increase the collagen levels in the areas where it is applied. This is also not a long term solution to the issues and would need to be repeated as necessary.

The placenta facial utilizes the stem cells from the placenta of sheep to boost collagen levels in the areas of the face where improvement is desired.

Another unusual treatment is the urine therapy skin treatment. The process includes utilizing an individual’s urine to clear up their eczema conditions, acne and psoriasis.

Approximately 9.5 million procedures, both cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures were conducted in 2010 in the United States. This is an increase of more than 155 percent over 1997. The numbers clearly indicate that people are willing to go to extremes to rejuvenate their skin and stop the appearances of aging.

Of course most dermatologists agree that the very best way to keep skin looking younger is by enlisting preventative measures. This includes staying out of the direct sunlight for long periods of time and using a good quality sunscreen whenever possible. Moisturizing regularly is also an important part of keeping your skin looking its very best. In addition to caring for your skin from the outside, there are many supplements that are believed to help improve skin tone and wrinkles.