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American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Found Cosmetic Surgeries on the Rise for First Time Since the Great Recession

For the economy, the gains of cosmetic surgery for the first time since the Great Recession are astounding. While it doesn’t say much for America’s self-esteem, plastic surgeons nationwide are happy.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Plastic surgeons have performed more than 11 million cosmetic surgical procedures in 2013, up 12% from 2012 and 18% higher than the just 9 million systems in 2009.

Many believe this is because plastic surgeons have begun to offer more finance options for confident consumers who may lack the funds needed to have the procedures done they desire. They also have sought out more affordable surgeons or chose alternative methods to get similar results. For example, why have an expensive facelift when you could have some Botox for a fraction of that surgery cost. The study found that breast augmentations and tummy tucks still are the most popular procedures for plastic surgeons and generated the most income for them. However with the rapid development of noninvasive methods, more patients have become penny-pinching and are seeking out alternatives.

The study reports that nonsurgical procedures in 2013 rose by 13% with 9.5 million procedures performed. Also, the cosmetic surgery procedures for men increased 237% since 1997. These individuals are more likely to opt for Botox or microdermabrasion treatments now rather than a facelift that was popular several years ago.

Jack Fisher, president of the ASAPS, believes that most of the time these treatments are chosen because not everyone wants to go into recovery for several weeks. They are looking for less dramatic changes with a shorter recovery period, frankly because people just don’t have the time or means not to work.

Top 5 Procedures: Surgical & Nonsurgical
Top 5 Surgical & Nonsurgical Procedures in 2014 – SOURCE

The survey reports that Botox injections are the most popular noninvasive method with 3.7 million procedures performed in 2013 up 15% from 2012. Photo rejuvenation is fast becoming a popular noninvasive procedure. This process reduces the signs of aging caused by sun exposure; it rose by 35% in 2013 with 500,000 procedures performed. Lastly, wrinkle fillers or Hyaluronic Acid saw an increase of 31% with 2 million procedures performed.

Liposuction saw a gain of 16.3% from 2012 and breast implants 5.2% Butt Lifts or Buttock Augmentation procedures have continuously seen a steady increase and is an affordable system at $5-$10k. They saw a 58% year-to-year increase in the Great Recession.

Many economists link the ups and down of the U.S. economy to the ups and downs of the plastic surgery industry. In 2009, Merrill Lynch found that 77% of plastic surgeons blamed the economy as a whole for the reduced number of breast augmentations performed the year before. They believe that the worse that Americans feel about their finances, the less likely they are to treat themselves to cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures (makes sense).

The ASAPS expects the numbers to continue to rise as the economy continues to steady itself.